Don’t let small problems stumble you on your way to success

The Number One Secret to Life Success are.. Baby Steps – Lifehacker article

We are all in a hurry. The pace is neck-breaking. Life is stressful. The only way to success in life seems to be stepping on the gas pedal and increasing the speed.

Stop a bit. Think about it. 

Life is a marathon. Not a sprint. To succeed, you need to maintain the rhythm for a long time. 


How about having small, bugging problems that keep you from maintaining that pace?

Having high arches may seem like a small problem for some, but keep in mind that these arches support the weight of your body all day long, every day. This means that you must take care to support them as well, especially if you spend long hours standing, walking or running.

Remember that hurting or injured feet and legs due to wearing the wrong kind of shoes, or not taking proper care for the feet could lead to other problems, and can actually stumble you on your way toward success.

Millions of people suffer from ankle and foot injuries every year, millions have painful plantar fasciitis which in many cases can actually be debilitating.

In order to prevent the injuries and the painful conditions, you really need to take care of your feet and high arches.

Pain and injuries in the feet is a growing problem in the US, mainly because of the increased tendency for exercising, jogging and putting a lot of stress on the feet and legs. Also, some diseases, such as arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, neuropathies, chronic inflammations and others are becoming more popular, probably due to the toxins in the environment and the poor diet.

To ease the painful conditions in the feet you could consider doing special stretching or yoga exercises, or undergoing orthotic therapy to resolve the actual biomechanical problem in your feet and legs.

Also, it helps to lose some weight if you are overweight. Don’t forget that your arches and feet are holding all that weight all day long.

If you are fit and still have foot pains, you can try to change your diet and add some more healthier proteins with omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, nuts and seeds. Also eat more fresh veggies, and in general make sure your body receives sufficient amounts of amino-acids and anti-oxidants for quicker tissue repair and healing. You can help resolve the inflammatory process and pain by adding some probiotics to your diet too.

Remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep your metabolism working properly.

Of course, in order to help prevent the pain and injuries, you will need to find appropriate and comfortable running shoes for high arches, which will help reduce the pain immensely. Choose shoes with sufficient arch support, ankle and heel support, extra cushioning and stability to help control the pronation.

You can also try wearing orthotics or special insoles for high arches.

Trust me, wearing the right kind of shoes for the different activities you do can make a huge difference. Don’t let the small problems get in the way of your life, happiness and success!

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