Track, Measure and Adjust to Improve Yourself

Numbers don’t lie, people.

Strategy is a must
Planning is everything

Keeping statistics of your numbers, regularly reviewing them and adjusting both your workouts and goals have proved to have the biggest impact on my trainings.

There were times when I just trained haphazardly. Not exactly only when I felt like it, but close..

While it is not exactly a tactics I would recommend, I went too much time doing this. And the results (or lack of something to be proud of) were obvious.

Fathoming something is WAY different than the truth.

for too much time I went on assuming things.

How would I not? My bike computer was broken, I hated wearing a watch. I had no set system to keep track of my workouts. And most importantly, I lacked a set plan.

I believed that I had some improvement but didn’t have any numbers to prove that.

So, during of one of my favorite morning chats with a friend we brougt up the subject. After some back and forth, something clicked in my mind. I decided to change something.

Actually, I went on and changed everything. I got a coach, received a REAL plan and got a brand new watch for my birthday.

After I run out of excuses, I had no other option but to get serious with tracking. the results were quite


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